The Rules of Engagement


This highly practical workshop is designed to equip delegates with the essential tools and techniques to seamlessly navigate the media landscape. Delve into the inner workings of the media mind and master the art of effective communication.

This powerful programme comprises key components of JLMC’s signature training offerings:

  • Understanding the Media Mind
  • Concise Communications
  • Presentation Skills
  • The Art of an Interview

Delivered with no unnecessary frills in a customised, practical, interactive and safe environment, this is a must-attend workshop for anyone dealing with the media.

Whether you’re an executive, politician, celebrity, or an aspiring media spokesperson, this workshop will teach you the tricks of the trade.

The Art of An Interview

Master the Media

This programme dials up your media skills from the basics to being able to field a volley of interrogative questions with composure.

During these sessions, delegates will observe and analyse their performance on camera before taking on ‘real-life’ media interviews. Each filmed interview simulation is followed by an in-depth assessment, where Janine provides participants with practical insights to enhance their skills.

To master the art of a media interview, it’s crucial to comprehend the following key elements:

  • The risks of unprepared media interactions
  • Effectively communicating with journalists
  • Preparing for the ‘hot seat’
  • Crafting your language with precision
  • Harnessing nervous energy as a positive edge
  • The techniques, skills and strategies necessary for effective media interviews
  • Presenting yourself and your organisation with maximum impact
  • Knowing what to say, how to say it, and what to avoid
  • Effectively communicating your core message
  • Captivating your audience with compelling points
  • Staying focused and on track throughout the interview
  • Common mistakes that must be avoided at all costs
  • Getting to the point

With JLMC’s tailored approach and expert guidance, you’ll emerge ready to face the media with poise and professionalism.

Key Message Development

Control the Story and Get Your Message Across

Contrary to popular belief, what you have to say isn’t typically at the top of everyone’s priority list. In a world inundated with messages, capturing attention demands more than just speaking – it requires concise and compelling communication.

This workshop delves into the art of concise communication, emphasising the importance of crafting clear and concise key messages that resonate effortlessly with your audience.

Led by Janine, this programme involves hands-on brainstorming sessions and practical guidance on effectively engaging with key stakeholders.

Janine shares invaluable insights on the golden rules of communication, dispels common myths, and highlights the significance of effective vocal delivery and authentic body language.

After all, no one ever complained that something was too easy to read, to listen to, or to understand.

Unearthing Killer Angles

How to Get News Coverage

Capturing the attention of journalists and securing media coverage requires more than just a good story – it demands a killer angle. This workshop will equip delegates with the skills and strategies to unearth compelling angles that grab the media’s attention and drive coverage for their organisations or clients.

This workshop will unpack the following key elements:

  • Defining a killer angle
  • Using the news narrative to drive your story
  • Understanding your audience and the media landscape
  • Brainstorming news angles – exploring potential leads and story hooks
  • Tailoring angles to different media outlets
  • Crafting compelling pitches
  • Case studies and practical exercises
You Only Get One Chance to Make an Impact

Powerful Presentation Skills Training

In today’s challenging corporate landscape, the ability to deliver compelling presentations isn’t just a skill – it’s a competitive advantage. A professional who falls short on the ability to present effectively starts off at a crippling disadvantage, and even the most groundbreaking of ideas can fall flat if not delivered convincingly.

Through tailored coaching, delegates learn essential tools and techniques to master proper breath control, credible posture, appropriate dress code, impactful body language, and exceptional vocal usage.

Designed to provide simple, yet effective methodologies to amplify your objectives, while retaining audience interest and excitement, this interactive workshop equips you with the insights to understand your audience, refine specific messages, and convey your message with authenticity and impact.

Key areas of focus that will make – not break – your presentation skills include:

  • Valuable insights into the dynamics of powerful presentations
  • Strategies to overcome the ‘Fear Factor’
  • Techniques to channel nervous energy productively
  • Effective relaxation methods
  • Crafting the message for maximum impact
  • The power of body language
  • Perfecting vocal projection
  • Keeping your subject matter alive and relevant
  • Creating points of high impact

Join us to refine your presentation skills and elevate your ability to captivate and persuade your audience with authenticity and confidence.